Why We Do What We DO


Mission: We’re on a mission to help a million people reach the A Wealthgrade so they can live their Ideal Lifestyle.



Why: We realized that most people will never reach their wealth potential because there has yet to be a system out there that can maximize a persons wealth potential. So, we’ve rounded up the top talent and produced a solution to the great problem that led to the Great Recession, and we’re going to use it to help a million people reach the A Wealthgrade level so they can live their Ideal Lifestyle. We hope you’ll be one of the million people.



Problem: Did you know that the average person with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $2.2 million in their lifetime but enter their retirement years with only about $100k to show for it?



Solution: The Money Organizer Plan allows that same average user to enter retirement not with $100k, but $1.2 million! The Money Organizer Plan is a system that helps people get organized with their money to maximize their wealth potential.


What Happens to Your Money


Key Ingredient: Most wealth is lost in the way people spend their money.


Why can two people graduate from the same college, on the same day, with the same degree, and the same G.P.A., but one becomes a multi-millionaire and the other is broke? The answer really comes down to choices.


You must be intentional about building wealth.


If people knowingly choose to spend all of their money and retire with very little to show for it, that’s one thing. But most people don’t know until it’s too late.


However, there are millions of people who, given the chance (knowledge, tools and connections), would chose smarter. Wouldn’t you?


Your Most Valuable Commodity


Money? No, it’s not gold or oil or even water. Your most valuable commodity is time because it’s the only commodity you can’t replace.


Every day matters! The choices you make every day are either moving you closer to your wealth potential or they’re not.


So, what choice can you make today that will move you closer? By the time you’ve finished reviewing your Money Organizer Plan, you’ll understand your money in a whole new way. The question is will you let this sit in your mind as something you want to do someday or will you take action now?


Our History

In The Beginning...


In 1995 financial planner, Rob Keller was sitting across the kitchen table from his middle-aged clients trying to help them understand why they were never going to reach their retirement goals, despite their annual household income of over $130,000 (net).


During this meeting, Rob felt like he had discovered their problem but he hadn’t yet figured out how to explain his discovery to his clients in a way they would understand. He needed a way to motivate them to change their habits, and he knew this would require motivating them to change their beliefs, which meant he had to somehow show them the impact of the way they were spending their money.

"Most wealth is lost in the way people manage their money" ...Money Organizer Plan discovery.


After several hours of gathering data and learning about his client's most important financial needs, he left their house with every financial statement his clients could find. He told them he would be back, one week later, with a plan for how to make the most of their money.



The First Money Organizer Plan


More than 40 hours of work went into building spreadsheets, testing algorithms and displays that would tell the full story.


That full story was complicated. On one hand, he discovered, if his clients continued managing their money the same way they had been, they would be bankrupt within five years.


But on the other hand, if they were more intentional with their spending and followed the 5-step strategy he put together, Rob's clients could enter their retirement years with more than $1.3 million in net worth (not including the equity in their home).


Rob says he can’t put into words what it felt like to see the look on his clients faces when they looked at the chart showing their financial future. At first, it was complete despair as they realized their current path was headed towards bankruptcy. But then an overwhelming sense of relief and hope flushed their faces when they realized their net worth potential was more than $1.3 million.


“The look on their face was worth more than they could have paid me for my efforts,” Rob said.



It All Paid Off


In time, Rob was able to help hundreds of clients get organized with their money and reach higher levels of net worth than they ever would have without the Money Organizer Plan.


In 2011, a professional version of the Money Organizer Plan software was made available to financial advisors around the country who use it to help their clients maximize their wealth potential. The cost to the client ranges from $500 to $1,500, but the benefits can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars added to their net worth by retirement- in some cases even millions.


In 2016, after many requests, the first consumer version of the Money Organizer Plan was developed and made available to the general public.


In this first version, early adopters are treated with the benefits of the Money Organizer Plan, but without any cost.


The reality is we believe we can change the lives of at least a million people over the next ten years. Our model will include helping people make the most of their own money and then providing a financial incentive for them to help others do the same.


Want to learn to get paid for helping others get organized with their money? Start by completing your own Money Organizer Plan. This process will include more information on how to make the most of your own money, as well as how to get paid for helping others do the same.


Note- this isn't just for people looking to make some extra money. It's for people who are passionate about helping others and can lead by example.


Get started by learning your Wealthgrade and then we'll show you how to get your own Money Organizer Plan today!


We hope to see you on the inside.


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